Why to Use minecraft in classrooms?

Minecraft plays a substantial role of easy understanding of concepts by the pupils. It is simply a 3D simulation game that helps pupils to drill their math and reading skills. The 3D objects are majorly cube blocks that denotes materials like stone, dirt, various ores, tree trunks and water. Players assemble these cube blocks to form diverse constructions.

Nowadays, teachers are increasingly using this game as a teaching tool in their classrooms. Minecraft game provides the pupils with freedom to create and push their imaginations up to their capability level and enable them to be more creative in some impossible ways in the physical world.

Regarding to the problem-solving role of the game, it allows the pupils to have high level of critical thinking. For instance, math’s problems needs a lot of concentrations and critical thinking on order to come up with expected solutions. This game therefore gives pupils a platform to easily handle and understand class work.

The game is very social and it brings pupils together. When it comes to playing of the game, players needs help in some unforgiving-minecraft world. When they work together, it creates a positive classroom environment and enable teamwork and collaboration between the pupils.

Through playing of the game, pupils enhances their reading skills. Words mostly are game- specific and players need to figure out their meaning as they play, the same thing does to understanding the meaning of words and phrases. It becomes easy for pupils to interpret phrases. Finally, this learning is importance but it needs teachers’ commitment in putting a lot of effort in researching, managing and studying for which few people will appreciate.